Factors of drive and success

Let’s take a break from the normal situation to discuss the World Cup.

What, the World Cup? Why yes – unless you’ve spent the last few weeks hiding in the shadows, distanced from life, you cannot but have helped to have been surrounded by World Cup fever. Ever been around a pub when an England game has been on? You can’t help but notice that the pubs would have been busier than usual, swathed in crowds all huddling around a TV screen, shouting words of encouragement to it, as if their words would have gone through the atmosphere and reached the footballers in Russia and given them positive emotion.

Yes, the World Cup.

Despite England dreams that this might have been the year, at the close of the competition they found themselves in fourth. Oh, the luckless draw of knockout competitions. Had England made it past Croatia, they would have found themselves in the positive situation of being the team that might have won it, with a generation of footballers still in their prime.

Unfortunately they were downed by the Croats in extra time. The Croatians themselves delivered some advice for the English team and media – don’t under-estimate us. A lack of respect can be a powerful motivator, and the Croatians had plenty of those. All they had to do was to print out the footballing discussions from websites such as BBC news or the broadsheets and tabloids, and unfortunately while we were all caught up in the celebrations of nearly making it to the final and singing “Football’s coming home”, the Croatians decided to spoil the party.

You only need to look back on the lessons of history to see how under-estimating the opponent can give them the necessary drive to succeed. Being written off gives one the inner impetus to go against the odds, to dig deeper and find the deeper strength. In the classical music world, there are other circumstances, such as childhood difficulties, expectant roles, lack of opportunity, and technological developments at the right time that have fuelled innovation, the careers of composers, and generated promising piano music.

Many factors influence success. Perhaps not under-estimating the opponent is one of the most important to remember!