Going on holiday!

Why do people go on holiday? For most of us, the main reason would be to get away from the daily grind, to do something away from what is a mundane life. Now there is nothing wrong with doing the same thing over and over again. Many people, especially those with children, may appreciate that level of familiarity of daily life. Where some may point to their lives as mundane and boring, others might appreciate that the lack of excitement and adrenaline-inducing work might free them with energy to spend elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with routine. But holidays are a good way to break up the regularity of things because with regularity comes stagnation, and then trying to find something interesting to go into work for becomes difficult.

You can see it in people whose jobs involve a great deal of repetition. Checkout supervisors, shelf stackers, or other occupations that involve manual repetition are those hit most by routine. Unfortunately, manual jobs – such as those involving physical work such as road sweeping – are the most important, yet pay the least because of the perception that they don’t involve much thinking and are hence not highly skilled. Those who need a break most are the ones most unlikely to be able to afford it!

With a new year, why not seize the chance to take a break? Start the year with a fresh approach and you will remember in years to come about the time when you went away on New Year’s Day, and it will give you the positive motivation to face new opportunities and start new phases in life. Now it might not need to be an expensive affair, with bargains to be had from every corner – you need not have to fly overseas; you can go somewhere on a train. Or if you really cannot afford the cost or the time away, maybe do something new like learn a musical instrument or pick up a different skill – you will feel refreshed for it, and it will give you a welcome distraction over the course of the year. Until the next resolution!